As time permits, it is my goal to climb and hike some of the highest summits in the continental USA. From Mt Whitney to Longs Peak to Mt Rainier, as well as some interesting peaks in the northern rockies regions of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, this site will document my adventures as I explore these various high elevation summits. I've been hiking and scrambling up peaks for many years now, and consider it one of the best meditative sports that one can experience. I also enjoy taking large scale photographs, and have hiked with my trusty Olympus e10 throughout most of my adventures. This site contains many of my photographs that i've taken through the years, and I hope you enjoy them, as I do.
High Elevation Training
(~ 9,800 ft)
Summit 1: Mt Whitney, CA
(14,497 ft)
Summit 2: Glacier NP, MT
(8,180 - 9,220 ft)
Summit 3: The Cone, ID
(10,680 ft)
Summit 4: Mount Borah, ID
(12,662 ft)
Summit 5: Yellowstone NP, WY
(10,568 & 10,969 ft)
Summit 6: Longs Peak, CO
(14,225 ft)
Autumn in the SNRA , ID
(10,336 ft)
Summit 7: Cerro Ciento, ID
(11,154 ft)
Summit 8: Hyndman Peak, ID (12,009 ft)
Mt of the Holy Cross, CO (14,005 ft)
My Own Private, ID
(12,662 ft)
Summit 9: Thompson Peak, ID
(10,751 ft)
Images and text copyright 2007 by GT Wilson.
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