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A Chairlift for the Weak
Saddle Mountain
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Snow at 9000 ft

The first phase after receiving my permit for Mt Whitney was to train like a madman. So, every night, every weekend, and every holiday was used to train. From descending to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up again, to climbing snowfields in Idaho during winter, to hiking the hills behind my residence every day that I could, to biking to work day in and day out - conditioning for higher elevations is critical.

The Grand Canyon was by far one of the more interesting adventures, as I dropped down into it during a rain storm, and came out with the sky lit brightly blue. The consistent rains helped keep the Phoenix-LA-Las Vegas haze from obscuring the view, which was perfect for photography. I also put on a hundred some miles on my hiking boots running around the mountains and foothills of central Idaho. Overall, I was happy with how my training phase went. I used to just sit around during winter and wait for it to pass, but then I realized what I was missing out on.

The Pioneer Peaks
A Ladybug Hive
Hailey, Idaho
Pioneer Mountain Range
Trek to Arizona - Grand Canyon National Park & Wupatki National Monument
High Rock
Buttes in the Shadow
Today's Cloudy Sky Forecast
Out of the Rain shadow
Complete Solitude
The Grand Viewpoint in Snow
Surreal Times in Desertville
Ancient Ruins
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