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2001 to the Present
Private Idaho (8,684 ft)
Miss Nic
A Year of Ascension
My FBI File Photo
A Class 5 Jaunt

Just a few months after being reborn in Idaho, I started my main hobby of running up the mountains behind my house. To me, this was a fun and healthy hobby that provided incredible views of my new town. However, this supposedly fun hobby, quickly gave me a real life long learning experience when one night in early May of 2001, I was taking a small stroll up Carbonate mountain behind my house, when I ended up slipping and breaking my leg, and tearing my ligaments around my ankle while on the descent. I didn't carry a cell phone at the time and had no way to communicate with the world below, so I was stuck about 900 feet above the road, with no signs of human life, other than the cars I could see moving in the city below. So, comtenmplating my fate, I realized that I needed to crawl off the mountain if I wanted to get help. And so, I crawled over rocks, sagebrush, and dirt and back to my house where my roomate rushed me to the hospital. When I made it down, my knees and palms were bloodied, and I was suffering from dehydration to the point where I started having hallucinations. Two days later, I had surgery, and a plate was placed in my leg, and months of rehabilitation was soon to endure..

Now, most people would have probably never set foot on a mountain again after such an experience, but I was determined to summit many more peaks, and to become stronger than before I broke my leg. So, I started reclimbing peaks by running back up Carbonate as soon as my cast came off. My theory was what could not kill me could only make me stronger. And, after about a year, I recupperated enough to the point where I could start going up more and more challenging terrain. And that is exactly how I have lived ever since- climbing peaks, and running ridges here in my own little private Idaho. Over the years, i've got up and into some amazing places in the Idaho backcountry, and I don't really plan stopping as long as I live in here.

Over time, I plan on scaling a lot more mountains in Idaho. I have just scratched the surface in the most mountainous state in the union, and there is still a lot of terrain to run up. This page provides a good, but far from inclusive sample of some of the places i've trekkend into.

Snowshoeing with Getty and Gus.
Carbonate Mountain & Surrounding Hailey Peaks (8,180 ft)
Almost Tibet
2 Superbowl Sundays
Hailey in Fall
Post 911 Patriotism
Prayer Flags and Pyramids
The Great Pyramids
A Wintery Snow Blaster
Westward of Hailey
Early March Snowpack
Tales of a Happy Pup
A Wintery White Wonderland
Scaling the Monsterous Mountains of Idaho
Castle 1111
The Idaho Gem
Granite Peak Climb
Immigrant Valley
The Lost River Range
Hyndman Basin
An Idahoan Bristlecone
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