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> Summit 1: Mt Whitney, Sequoia National Park, California (14,497 ft - Continental USA High Point)

Completed May 29th, 2005
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When I first gazed upon Mt Whitney from Lone Pine, CA, I felt that this mountaineering adventure might be a bit more than I could handle. Mt Whitney loomed like a big gnarly behemoth out in the distance, and I sensed that the next two days were going to be phyisically brutal and that the top was no guarantee. The mountain had received record snowfall this year, and it still was more than 20 feet deep on some sections of the climb.

We took the snow covered Mt Whitney Trail and camped around 12,000 feet at the high camp, where we encountered heavy winds during the night. By the morning, the winds had calmed down enough so that we could climb the peak. The climb to the top required crossing many snow fields, and a major traverse up a steep 1700 foot hard packed snow gully.

By the time all was said and done, Dean, Jared, and myself finished the mountain in 2 days. It was a hassle free climb, with no major disturbances, other than my exposed face receiving a scorching from the sun. But, that was worth it. Standing on top of Mt Whitney was one of my greatest moments.

  This was Jared's film that he shot of the Mt. Whitney adventure. A month later, Jared died on Castle Peak as he tried to snowboard down the north face. Dee Spear, Jared's sister was kind enough to give us the footage, so that we could finish the film. Obviously, from this video, you will see Jared's charismatic personality, that we all have grown to miss.
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