12 Summits
> Summit 2: Mountain Scrambles in Glacier National Park, Montana

July 2nd - 4th, 2005
The Bearhat (8,684 ft)
The Bearhat
Glacier Defined
The Mountain Goat
Glacier Lillies

Going to Glacier National Park was a last hour decision that was made after a planned trip into the Yellowstone back country fell apart. One of the peaks that I always wanted to summit was Bearhat mountain. For some reason, photos that i've seen of this mountain have always intrigued me, however, this wasn't the time for it! When I got to the base of the summit, the National Park service had closed off the trail due to Grizzly Bear activity. Also, with the approaching storm, and the conditions of the snowpack, I felt that the greater force demanded that I forgo my plans. Fortunately, there are hundreds of very impressive peaks to choose from in this park, so I was far from being out of luck. Flexibly, I decided to forgo climbing the Bearhat, and instead summit Mt Oberlin, where I quickly learned how wild and rugged the top of Glacier can be! After a trek up Mt Oberlin, I became obsessed to find more interesting views from the park, so I scouted for the next one, and that's when I found Divide Mountain - another interesting peak that sits on the eastern edge of the park. After climbing Divide Mountain, I then finished my trekking on the 4th of July with a challenging

climb to the top of Mt. Piegan.

It was a great trip, and I completed 3 rather unique and different peaks in a short extended weekend. I also had enough time to trek around St Mary's Lake, and of course do a few more minor hikes in the park. I don't know how many miles I put on my hiking boots, but it was a lot. In a sense, I felt I was always moving during the week, and the best part was, I had all 3 summits to myself. If you plan on going to Glacier National Park, I recommend to not just spend your time driving back and forth on Going-to-the-Sun road. Instead, find a summit and climb it! There is no greater sense of freedom, or thrill then standing on a high mountain top in that park .....especially if you have the opportunity to climb solo.

Video taken from the summit of Mt Oberlin
Mount Oberlin (8,180 ft)
Mount Oberlin
Ridge Running
High Mountain Flowers
A Broken Rock Tower
Red Rock & Blue Sky
A Glacial Carved Valley
The High Mountain Cross
The Mount Oberlin Summit
Divide Mountain (8,665 ft)
Divide Mountain
All Along the Watchtower
The Endless Prairie
The Great Western View
Mount Piegan (9,220 ft)
Mount Piegan
Pointed Mountains
Natural Skyscrapers
Big Sky, Montana
I to Eye with the High Mountain Sky
Logan's Pass from Above
High Walls
Rock Roof
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