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July 30th, 2005
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Good Mountaineers are a rare breed. And after reading many postings from the Sun Valley Mountain Kid on www.summitpost.org, I came to the conclusion that this kid was bold, determined, and smart when climbing the mountains around this area. Many unique peaks from the back country of Idaho were being updated with information, and all were posted from the same guy - and almost of them looked like they were done solo. A unique feat for sure.

Jared Spear, who climbed with Dean and I on the Whitney trek, entered the great beyond over the Fourth of July weekend. He attempted to snowboard down a steep couloir on Castle Peak, and ended up triggering an avalanche, which carried him down the mountain over a thousand feet. It immobilized him to the point where he couldn't move, and tragically his friends found him dead four days later.. I must say that his death did create its shockwave's with me over the week. So, I contacted the Mountain Kid after he posted an article on Jared's death at Summitpost (you can see the article and posting here). It's always wise to know the mountaineering community around you, mostly due to the fact that it's a small community. You never know when you might have to rely on people, in case of search and rescue. It's also wiser to bag peaks with someone else around, than solo. If Jared would have been with someone, more than likely he would have survived. Although, soloing has it's own benefits rarely understood by those that don't do it.

Climbers willing to bag a peak at any given time is a rarity, especially in these parts, so a trek with the Sun Valley Mountain Kid up to an unnamed, rarely (if ever) climbed peak in the Boulder Mountains was the plan. On Saturday, I met Sean at the SNRA visitor center around 6:30 AM, and we started our adventure to add another peak to our growing lists. I personally avoid the Boulder Mountain range due to the rotten broken rocks that crumble and move at your feet. I once set off a severe rock slide on Boulder peak, and it convinced me that this range was gnarly and not my choice for peak bagging. SVMK and I climbed to the top of the unnamed mountain (10,680 ft), signed and left a register, and decided to descend through a gully to cut a few miles off on the return back. In my opinion, this was a bad move. Not being a graceful mountain gazelle, I lost my footing down the crumbling gully a few times, and ended up cutting open my hand. My blood, in turn, attracted every deerfly in the area, which felt like getting a booster shot every time one became successful at landing on me and digging in. Besides for the bloody hand, and the deerflies it was a good trek. The Sun Valley Mountain Kid is quite an interesting and rare fellow. His accomplishments in the mountains around Sun Valley is quite impressive, when you consider that he's bagged so many large and rotten peaks alone. My hat is off to him.

Some mountain wisdom from an experienced mountaineer.
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