12 Summits
> Summit 7: Cerro Ciento, Boulder Mountain Range, SNRA, Idaho (11,154 ft)

June 24th, 2006
The Cerro Ciento Summit
The Boulder Backcountry
A Highlanders View
On the Castle Down

It was a year of ups and downs. Nichole kept me well within control, and mostly in a state of relative bliss throughout winter. I must admit that last year was one of the best years of my life. I climbed many great mountains, met my future wife, had one of my better career years, and watched my favorite sports team win a Superbowl. It seemed like it was a year of karma up, karma down, and karma back up again.

For all the ups, there was another serious down when I found out that my last roommate Pat died in a tragic motorcycle accident during the end of April. Blah, another one of my good pals going out the hard way. When these sort of things happen, it really tests your sanity. One minute he's helping repair a broken snowshoe, coming over to the house to watch a Steelers Playoff game and have a barbecue, and the next minute he's gone...

I stayed out of the high country in the mountains for the most part during the winter, and just focused on light snowshoe treks with Nichole in the valleys. We also made a trip into northern California to enjoy a rain soaked coast, and look at Redwoods with hopes to film sasquatch. Although, Sasquatch eluded my camera, I did manage to have a great time, despite the consistently rainy weather. I also, attempted to climb up Mt Shasta on Memorial day, however the weather was uncooperative as snow, hail, and strong winds hit the mountain while I was in the area, making it an impossibility for climbing. So, I had to bail from the idea and travel back home.

As spring came, and the snows melted, it became evident that it was long past time for a much needed solo adventure. So, I decided to climb to the top of Cerro Ciento, a 11,154 foot peak that towers above highway 75 in the SNRA. Cerro Ciento is a 4800 foot stair climb with no trail, and a whole lot of broken loose talus fields to cross. Overall, it is a very tough endurance challenge, and a very western cross country route.

At the top, I decided to get in the moment, and do a little meditation with my camera, to mostly remember my friends that passed on during the year, and to enjoy one of life's moments in one of the great remote outdoors of the continental US. And so I plugged into Natalie Merchant to let her ethereal voice sing "Space Oddity", as I carried my camera around for the moment. There wasn't a sign of human life for miles, other than me.

Some Mountaineering Tai Chi with my Camera..
The Mighty Tooths
Over the Smoky Plane
A Future Endurance Adventure
Ground Control
Planet Earth is Blue
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